Game Of Brushes

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Managing Director of “Game Оf Brushes” is Yuliya Manolova


      I am Yuliya Manolova

  My creative biography as an artist begins with the fact that I was born in 1976 in the town of Lovech, Bulgaria. I graduated from one unique  for Europe high school: National School of Applied Arts “Tryavna School” in Tryavna, Bulgaria  / / Тhere I was studying how to give a new life to the tree, making wooden sculptures, as well as painting, graphics and so on-in short, everything I love to do. I graduated as a woodcarver artist. As a student (1994) I participated in an exhibition entitled “Poetry and Song on the Balkans”, where I won the first prize with my painting as well as a scholarship. This gave me confidence in my creative path and also the financial opportunity to continue my education in the „Free art academy „Jules Paskin“ in Sofia, Bulgaria, where I graduated painting  under the guidance of famous Bulgarian artist and pedagogue Nikolay Maystorov and my direct artistic director Prof. Vasil Voulev. At that time (1998) I participated in the exhibition “Countries and People” where my first painting was redeemed. In the following years, art was my rescue island where I was myself. In 2014, I moved to live in Germany and here I started painting on large canvases and exhibiting in various galleries in Germany and Switzerland. With this came a success ,so and  the opportunity to engage only with art. The most interesting thing in my story is coming – expect a sequel, so am I!

Tel: +49 176 45850453